Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

leaving on a jet plane....

A quick cuppa in Auckland with Nev's folks before the overnight flight to Los Angeles. Nevs mum, sister Christine and Christines daughter Lisa.

Saturday afternoon and the rugby is on....Manawatu playing ??? Didnt write it down. Nevs Dad and nephew Ryan enjoying the game.

Friends, Dan and Kay Jones.....Kay was the driver on our wet afternoon in Napier taking artdeco pictures. Dan and Matt were at the rugby. They are great family friends that go way back. Kay looked after Matt when he was just a few weeks old and I was finishing college. Nev and I did a canal trip in France with them in 2002

See you next time....a farewell as you walk through departure at Auckland airport. It was great to hang out with Shirley Peachey over lunch on my last day. We never did take that picture Shirley. Shirley and John were our homegroup leaders in NZ. Shirley will also be on the team to assist with Toni and Marcus's baby when he is born. She works in the neo natal unit, and will help stablize Ethan for surgery and then with recovery..... couldnt ask for a better person.

Thanks for coming on this trip with me.....a little history and insight into life in NZ. See you next time.......

more art deco....

even MacDonalds. oh and talking about franchises. In Nelson (top of the south island where most of my pix were taken) there is about 43,000 people in the greater area, with only one Starbucks....fabulous. There are so many great cafes with awesome coffee, and thats how they want it. Cafes are often attached to gift shops, garden centers, potterys and even a travel agent.


this is a little out of order, but I wanted you to see it. Napier is in the Nth Island and about 30 mins from Matt and Megan. In 1931 an earthquake destroyed the city, so it was rebuilt in what we now know as art deco style. They have an art deco festival each year, and the whole place is quite the tourist attraction.

Friday, August 10, 2007


My sister Dawn, with her husband Sana and son Michael

my nephew Ryan with his wife Janine and daughter Alyssa 5mths

my brother Michael and his wife Jan

Dawn and her great niece Alyssa Higgins

Thursday, August 9, 2007

and more...

Wai-iti river runs through the farm. It was our swimming place in the summer. After the winter floods we never knew where our new swimming place would be, but it was basically the same place. Once or twice Dad took us eeling. It was dark, but we used spotlights, and a sheeps head dripping with blood. The head was put in the water and attracted the eels. We got some beauties. Well I am sure I was standing back....they were big.

sunrise on the farm

my parents, Ross and Edna

they live in Richmond in this lovely retirement villa.

more roots.

this is the house my parents were living in when I was born. It was cream with a red roof. They built the house when they were married in 1950.

Next door was a petrol station which they owned. This and farming paid the bills. I wanted desperately to pump petrol as I got older (10yrs), but my mum said it wasn't a job for a lady, so I was assigned to pulling weeds and planting flowers around the station. !!

rural letterboxes

black lambs....too cute. My sister had a black pet lamb she called Leticia.

distances in kilometres....