Tuesday, July 31, 2007


.....Was the day I met up with my two cutest little New Zealand
grandsons. Lucas was grinning all over his face when I walked off the
plane and was quick to introduce me to his brother 'air-ye-it'.
[Elliott]. Lucas has performed for me all day, showing me all his
important things like his new room, his toys and his lightening
McQueen bedsheets. It blesses my heart that he wants to do this when
we only get to see each other every 6mths or so. His mum and dad do a
good job talking to him often, about his cousins, aunts and uncles,
Grammy and Pop

Today was a special day for another reason....it was son Matts 34th
birthday. He and I had lunch together and then at night we ate Indian
food with Megans parents joining us. It may have been as long as 15yrs
since I had last celebrated his birthday with him.

I will be in Hastings for the next week. Hastings is on the east coast
of the North Island. I flew down this morning on a 68 seater. They
are getting smaller and smaller.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Catching up with friends on my one night in Acukland

Carl Jones with his boys, Isaac, Eli and Ethan. Carl is married to Megans sister Lauren. Marcus entertains the boys, and is going to make a great Dad.

Pizza and Pepsi with the Hathaways..thanks for picking me up from the airport in the rain and hail. They all look so good after 2 weeks back in NZ.

Perfect Timing....I was able to catch up with nephew Josiah at Auckland airport before he left on a mission trip to Cambodia.

I stayed Monday night in Paptoetoe with my neice Toni and her husband Marcus. Sorry Marcus...still didnt figure out the way to rotate this on a Mac even though you had patiently shown me. Baby Ethan is due in October, and has been diagnosed with a diahragmatic hernia. He will need surgery as soon as he is stable enough after birth. It is a hard road for them, but they are positive and a shining light to those they are around.

Crossing the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand....little did I know that my bags were not on the plane, but I did get them delivered late at night.

early morning at Sydney airport...yes thats the moon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where am I?

Good morning Sydney. WRONG COUNTRY !!! 200 were bumped from the
flight direct to New Zealand because of a storm and weight
restrictions. Hmmm not sure I swallow that BUT the 14hr flight I had
was smooth and I had 9hours sleep.
A full plane. 747-400 series holding 412 passengers. My fellow
passenger was a 19yr old Fijian Indian who lives in Santa Monica and
was travelling to visit his mum and 2 sisters in Auckland. His main
concern was missing the new Simpsons movie and instead, having to shop
at Target for Dora things for his 6 year old sister.

He has made sure I found my way to the transfer lounge and correct gate!!

A 3 hour flight to nz is ahead .....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Zach (10 weeks) is devastated that I am leaving.....!!


welcome..... its just over an hour until I leave the house, so I am packing.....check back later :)