Tuesday, July 31, 2007


.....Was the day I met up with my two cutest little New Zealand
grandsons. Lucas was grinning all over his face when I walked off the
plane and was quick to introduce me to his brother 'air-ye-it'.
[Elliott]. Lucas has performed for me all day, showing me all his
important things like his new room, his toys and his lightening
McQueen bedsheets. It blesses my heart that he wants to do this when
we only get to see each other every 6mths or so. His mum and dad do a
good job talking to him often, about his cousins, aunts and uncles,
Grammy and Pop

Today was a special day for another reason....it was son Matts 34th
birthday. He and I had lunch together and then at night we ate Indian
food with Megans parents joining us. It may have been as long as 15yrs
since I had last celebrated his birthday with him.

I will be in Hastings for the next week. Hastings is on the east coast
of the North Island. I flew down this morning on a 68 seater. They
are getting smaller and smaller.


Amanda said...

Did my nephews like all their presents? Did Megan like all their new clothes too? I am happy you are happy mum!!!

Jeff said...

Post some photos of the birthday boy and his family please... Hope he got new golf clubs for his birthday, he is going to need them at Christmas.

Linda said...

I love this blog! Your grandsons are so cute. Lucky you, two weeks with them. Have a wonderful trip. I will be looking forward to seeing what NZ looks like. Give Steve and Jo my love too. Linda Roccia

Margaret said...

I haven't got my golf club yet, but it has been ordered. With this new club my name will never leave the golf trophy.

Margaret said...

Jeff that was Matt that left that comment...!!!