Wednesday, August 1, 2007

busy with babies and not blogging!!

Grammy and Elliott Samuel

Lucas loves playing in Daddys winter vege garden.

Megans parents home where Lucas and Grammy are staying.

Where is the steering wheel?

Birthday boy....Matt with his 2 boys, Lucas and Elliott. Yes Jeff, he has a golf club on order for his birthday.

Lucas loves to read, and for once he isnt wearing his "CARS"shoes Amanda......we have to pry them off.!!!


Nancy said...

WONDERFUL pictures!! Air-ye-it certainly looks like his big brother. They are both SOOOOO adorable. You look good too, Grammy. :)
Love you.

Jeff said...

Great photo of Matt and kids.. Lucas is really growing up fast, I can not wait to play with that guy.

Sarah said...

It is nice to see Lucas looking so well since the last time you were there he was not up to par. You must be having a grand time with the two of them. Happy Birthday Matthew. Love to Megan, too. Sarah