Thursday, August 9, 2007


wakefield library....always smelt so musty and the librarian had white hair in a bun, and she REALLY wouldnt let you talk in the library.

This is the main street of the village I grew up in. My sister and brothers family lives near here, and until recently my mum and dad. There is a butcher, baker, supermarket, hairdresser, pub, cafe, chemist, vet, primary school, fish and chips shop, petrol station, dairy, police station and fire station. What else would you need....there are several churches. Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Church of Christ....
So when I get grumpy about LA freeways, traffic and crowds, remember my heart belongs in a very quiet place in the country.

this is the post office, which is just used as a storage building now. It is an historic building, so cant be torn down.....needs someone with tons of money to turn it into a restaurant. We know a good painter.....oooh what a job.

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