Sunday, August 5, 2007

Monday morning

I have many pictures to post and will do that at Matts work tomorrow
morning. Friends, Dan and Kay Jones drove up from Wellington for a
couple of nights. Matt and Dan went to the rugby, Wellington v Hawkes
Bay. Hawkes Bay won. It was wet and cold, and they stood under an
umbrella the whole game. Brrrr.
The weather has been mild really.....I haven't needed gloves or a heavy jacket.
Kay and I drove around Napier, an art deco city, but more on that when
I post pix.

Sunday we went to Matt & Megans church, the Salvation Army. I spent
most of the sermon outside with Lucas as there is no creche. He has a
great time picking up gravel and throwing it at a wall. Boy stuff. I
love the Army band, especially playing hymns.

Elliott becomes more alert and engaging each day. He has the cutest
dimples when he smiles, just like his mum.

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Neville said...

These photos have been really great and blogging makes your trip more like a journey. Thanks for all the photos and journalling. Lots asking after you here at AASCIF Conference in Big Sky. Over 600 attendees.