Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where am I?

Good morning Sydney. WRONG COUNTRY !!! 200 were bumped from the
flight direct to New Zealand because of a storm and weight
restrictions. Hmmm not sure I swallow that BUT the 14hr flight I had
was smooth and I had 9hours sleep.
A full plane. 747-400 series holding 412 passengers. My fellow
passenger was a 19yr old Fijian Indian who lives in Santa Monica and
was travelling to visit his mum and 2 sisters in Auckland. His main
concern was missing the new Simpsons movie and instead, having to shop
at Target for Dora things for his 6 year old sister.

He has made sure I found my way to the transfer lounge and correct gate!!

A 3 hour flight to nz is ahead .....


Nancy said...

A Grammy should NEVER be bumped on her way to meet her new little one!!! I'm so excited that you are blogging your trip!!
Love you, Nancy

Sarah said...

Sorry about your delay but hope you are there now. Will look forward to your blogs. I am still in S. Africa but leaving here with Grace today. Sarah

Jeff said...

Wow, not fun having to be routed to Auzieland... Hope you make it there in one piece.